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What is the Alexander Technique?
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What is Alexander Technique?
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The Alexander Technique is an education.  As a pupil you learn from a teacher how to use yourself with natural poise, fluidity, balance and freedom.  It helps you transform yourself in everyday activities.  Most Alexander work is done using a chair and as a pupil the movement required to sit and stand allows the whole person (body and mind) to relearn to use itself in a co-ordinated way.  There is also some work done lying on a table.  All teaching is done fully clothed with only the removal of the shoes necessary.  As a teacher I use my hands to guide the pupil to use their body in a new, yet natural way.  A lesson requires you to think, have fun, give up trying to be right and let the correct posture happen by itself.
I am happy to give any number of lessons to suit you. If you only want one lesson to see what its all about and take away some good ideas then that's fine with me.

For any further information about the technique, see the website of our professional body:

the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique

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