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About me
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 I had progressively worsening back pain for 30 years, until eventually I was unable to work, drive for long periods etc, etc ,etc. It completely dictated the way I could live my life.
     I spent many years trying to find relief from the pain and discover why I had it. Eventually I discovered through the Alexander Technique that I was largely causing the problem myself. As a child I had unconsciously copied my father's posture and set up years of pain and discomfort, just as my father had done. I had tried to sit up straight and have 'good posture', but that was exhausting and didn't work. With the help of an Alexander Technique teacher I was gradually able to undo more and more of the tension and misuse I was applying to myself and regain an easy posture that grew out of not pulling myself about in the wrong direction. I also discovered that I had a congenital problem with the head of my femur, which using the Alexander Technique I can manage to the best of my ability. Consequently I am now I have a freedom of movement that I was completely unaware was possible and am no longer limited in life by back pain. 
     The Alexander Technique can be surprisingly helpful for a huge range of problems because a large number of problems are a consequence of compression and bad postural use of ourselves.
     The only way to find out if Alexander Technique lessons are of interest is to give it a go. The work is non-invasive and can be taken at a pace that will suit you, so please call to arrange a lesson and we can see what happens. It should be possible to see in a very few lessons if the work will have any benefits to you.
     My home number is :01372 725927
     My email address is : hi.sueross@hotmail.co.uk

01372 725927

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