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What is Alexander Technique?
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What is Alexander Technique?
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F M Alexander, founder of the Alexander

It can be changed.  We can relearn how to move freely and easily.  We can let go of the old patterns of movement which being familiar feel right, but are often wrong, and regain ways of movement that initially feel wrong and are very often right.  We use our bodies badly because we don’t know how to do it any other way.  The Alexander Technique offers an opportunity to unlock your own natural poise and vitality.  My teaching enables you to help yourself to undo the tension and misalignment we put upon ourselves.  The Alexander Technique gives you the chance to recover much of the health, agility and co-ordination seen in young children and as a consequence gain an overall improvement in your condition.  Many specific symptoms and pains will disappear.

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The human body has 639 muscles, 206 bones and 230 joints.  If it were a machine then we would maintain its tensed muscles, rusty hinges and poorly aligned components.  The human body tolerates a high degree of malfunction and still carries us around because we cut off our sensory awareness and are often largely oblivious to the misuse.  But there is a cost and for many that cost is pain and a progressive decline into ill health. 

As children we learn how to use our own bodies by copying those around us, which would be ideal if those around us had good posture and free movement.  Sadly for most of us the models we copy from are less than perfect.  We add to this imperfect start by adding stresses and strains to our bodies in the work we do and the way we live our lives.


A typical lesson lasts 40 minutes and combines working on getting into and out of a chair and work in the semi supine position lying on a table to undo misuse and restore a natural balance to help restore an ease of movement.

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